Systematic effort aimed at navigating the  era  of




Global Crisis Response (GCR) is the flagship initiative of Orb Tranz Research & Broadcasting Foundation, a not for profit (Section-8 Company) registered in Mumbai, India. GCR is a systematic yet, transformational effort aimed at collectively exploring the best means of articulating and navigating the current era of the Anthropocene characterized by Climate Disruptions, Resource Scarcity, Chaos and Uncertainty. 

We do our best to de-clutter for our readers several loaded yet misunderstood clichés for instance, you must have heard a lot about ‘Sustainability’ of this and that or ‘Sustainable Policies’, right? But what do they actually mean?

  • Policies that will nurture current eco-systems so as to sustain even the future generation’s capabilities to satisfy their needs?  or

  • Polices that will sustain or perpetuate our current way of life (Business as Usual i.e. An infinite growth seeking –linear-extractive –debt based globalized Economic Systemic) which brought us to this existential crisis in the first place?

Do citizens share the same meaning of the word as do the promoters of such clichés?

We actively explore and welcome all ideas from all quarters (global North & South) that have the potential to reduce humanity’s existential risks and increases its resilience. Our mission is to emerge as a global knowledge platform & public policy influencer dedicated towards publishing creative strong sustainability content aimed at:

  • raising public awareness about Global Crisis (GC), their primary drivers, causes & impacts

  • analyzing trajectories, scenarios & forecasts for the future of humanity,

  • exploring solutions & alternative paradigms

  • exploring potential for a systemic transition towards a well-being & equity based society operating within planetary boundaries.



Execution (STRATEGY)


  • Creative content (text, info-graphics, videos) related to​ Global Risks, Scenarios, Forecasts, Alternative Paradigms creatively disseminated via mediums like Blogs, Webinars, Workshops, Forums, YouTube Channels, Sustainability Directory, Online Survey, Quiz, etc.



  • Create measurable mass awareness and behavior change about Global Crisis (GC) and its response at the individual & Community level

  • Beneficiaries become aware of the urgency of current existential risk to humanity, the hopelessness of  its current efforts to avert it and gain the ability to differentiate between Weak & Strong Sustainability measures 




  • Society to be better equipped to adapt and to transition towards a new economic paradigm that is more equitable & sustainable

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Conceptual Frameworks

(C) CRISIS ------- (R) RESPONSE --------- (T) TRANSITION



Leading scientists of the world have come together thrice in the last three decades to warn about the dangers of humanity’s current path, the risks of transgressing critical Planetary Boundaries and the need to urgently acknowledge climate emergency that is jeopardizing the very survival of life as we know on planet Earth. The complexity of the modern human society rests on the narrow range of climate stability since last 11000 years which is now being dangerously altered by trajectory of our complexity ridden modern industrial civilization. Global Crisis (GC) thus has the potential to severely disrupt the edifice which sustains modernity and demands humanity to adapt and learn to do things differently very soon.

Click here to find the drafts of the following documents: 

First Warning to Humanity (1992)

Second Warning to Humanity (2017)

Third Warning to Humanity (2019)

“Not since cyanobacteria has a single taxonomic group been so in charge. Humans have proven we are capable of seismic influence, of depleting the ozone layer, of changing the biology of every continent.” The question now is “whether we are prepared for this kind of control.”                                             

Jennifer Jacquet (2017) 


  • If Global Crisis (GC) is the result of unsustainable levels of Global Throughput (TP) i.e. material & energy footprint of the global economy  & growing Complexity (C) of our civilization (example Globalization, JIT Supply Chain, Hyper-connectivity etc.), then humanity's greatest challenge is---How to evolve alternative global human systems (paradigm) that can drastically reduce TP  & C by (say 50-60%) while adequately & equitably satisfy needs of humanity (say 10 billion by 2050)? --- fig on the right is graphic representation of this dilemma

  • The GC framework is highly simplified version of complex reality, continuously evolving & is meant to simplify our understanding of primary drivers and aid in the framing of a Global Crisis Response and Transition roadmap

  • Global Crisis (GC) is too pervasive, complex & global in scope to be easily grasped by anyone with a casual attention. Without grasping the full scope & urgency of the crisis we will never be willing to recognize the hopelessness of humanity’s current trajectory and find the necessary political will to achieve global consensus for the radical alternative pathways

  • We believe governments & policy makers have enough evidence to confirm the existence of this crisis and need wait no more for further proof. It is time they put their collective weight behind Strong Sustainability Measures and also rally public support for their policies in time

  • It is in this pursuit Global Crisis Response initiative was founded as a small but resolute step in creating mass awareness, educating citizens within a PROBLEM-SOLUTION-TRANSITION framework that can help our audience become the CHANGE AGENTS that are adequately equipped to address Humanity's Sustainability Challenge.





Global Crisis Response (GCR) is the flagship initiative of Orb Tranz Research & Broadcasting Foundation- a not-for-profit virtual think-tank with the following core aims:

  • Systematically Navigate the era of ​ANTHROPCENE

  • Provide One-Stop platform  about Global Crisis (GC)

  • Educate  on Strong Sustainability measures

  • Provide balanced perspectives from Global North & South

  • Envision an equitable & sustainable society 

  • Replace stories of “Doom & Gloom” framing with that  of “Hope” & “better Alternatives”

Trees From Above


We are constantly looking to work with the best research and blogging minds who share our values and concerns.


For those who desire to explore the diversity and radical ideas in pursuit of addressing humanity’s existential predicament are welcome to apply for

  • Paid internship projects

  • Voluntary & Flexible projects 

You may also want to read the testimonials of some of the Indian & foreign students who enthusiastically interned with us during the early phase of this project. 

“My time as a research assistant with Global Crisis Response was hugely valuable and helped me develop useful skills like creating written form content, database creation and critical thinking. I was able to gain new perspectives on issues like climate change and become more aware of the work that needs to be done. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to work with this organization.”
Kaira Photo.jpeg

Kaira Wallace (California, USA)

Research Assistant   (Intern 2020-21)