Job Title:  Program Manager (Streamline Projects using tools)

About Global Crisis Response (GCR):

Focus Areas: Sustainability, Risk Analysis & Management, Climate Change, Societal Collapse, Resilience Global Crisis Response is a systematic effort aimed at collectively exploring the best means to articulate & navigate the current era of the Anthropocene characterized by Climate Change, scarcity, chaos & uncertainty, forecast the future of trajectories human civilization & explores alternative paradigms (Pluriverse) & transition roadmaps. It is the flagship initiative of Orb Tranz Research & Broadcasting Foundation, a not for profit (Section-8 Company) registered in Mumbai, India. It came into existence in April 2021. 

Job Summary: 

GCR intends to build a virtual, global, volunteer driven organization by attracting a good mix of the knowledgeable, skillful, long-term thinkers. Basic projects for the phase-1 have been identified. This role requires a Program Manager to streamline all interlinked projects into a cohesive plan that can be executed within a specified time frame with clear deliverables using an appropriate tool (like Trello or Asana). The projects identified are Content Development, Board Development &Recruitment strategy, HR policies & handbook, Market research, Marketing, Fund raising & development, Networking & Partnerships etc.  This is a remote role and a certificate/ letter could be provided on successful completion of the role.

Responsibilities & Duties: 

  • The Project involves understanding and reviewing GCR's vision, mission & goals in order to formulate an effective strategy.

  • Review the projects identified and aid in the prioritization of tasks 

  • Laying the foundation and initiate the kick-start process of the phase-1, the success of which relies on sound, coherent Program Management strategy.

  • Create dashboards (on Trello or Asana) and train the team in using the tool for project execution 

Qualifications & Skills:

  • Project Management (with education & experience will be preferred)

  • We prefer to work with a volunteer who has either the experience or expertise in the non-profit sector (but corporate experience is also welcome)

  • Critical thinking & Eye for detail

  • Considering the scope & complexity of this program the candidate must be open to work in a team.

Commitment (Content & Time):

  • Minimum 3 months commitment 

  • Commit atleast 2 hours per week for orientation, discussion & meetings

  • Commit atleast 4 hrs per week (total= 48 hrs over 3 months) 

  • The actual time commitment could vary depending on situation


  • Although Climate Change is an important aspect of our work it is not the primary focus

  • Candidates who are passionate, committed towards holistic learning, dedication to stick with the work and can have patience with a new NGO that is just getting going will benefit the most from this opportunity.

  • We are a budding organization with meagre resources and supervision capabilities, so please be aware that you will need to be flexible and self-motivated. In exchange we do offer a unique research experience in a welcoming and passionate team, and a chance to explore radical and non-mainstream ideas outside of traditional institutions.


Application Instructions: