Internship Title
Research Assistant (Volunteer): Content Development related to Sustainability, Climate Change, Existential Risks (Collapse), and Post-Growth transition. 

About Global Crisis Response (GCR):

Global Crisis Response is a systematic effort aimed at collectively exploring the best means to articulate & navigate the current era of the Anthropocene characterized by Climate Change, Scarcity, Chaos & Uncertainty. It is the flagship initiative of Orb Tranz Research & Broadcasting Foundation, a not for profit (Section-8 Company) registered in Mumbai, India.

This is a multi-tasking- research, analysis & content writing profile involving the following tasks: 

  • Extensive reading of all literature (books , papers, articles) to enable content development

  • Assist Project Director in developing orientation series essays/blogs 

  • Write supplementary blogs independently 

  • Storyboard  for each episode of GCR YouTube channel (based on essay series research)

  • Conduct online-surveys and produce reports

  • Content writing, Infographics  and updates for the organization  website

  • Any other related task as required by the Project Co-coordinator


Who can apply?

Candidates looking for 

  • Medium to long-term volunteer projects 

  • Summer internships 

  • Academic Credit Programs

Core Qualification & Expertise:

  • Graduates (preferably from academic disciplines related to Environment, Ecological Economics, Alternative Economics, Post-growth, Climate Change, Sustainability, Climate Justice, etc.) 

  • Curious & passionate about issues related to Existential Risks, Societal Collapse, Sustainability, climate change, scarcity etc.

  • Experience of Creative writing (blogs) or environmental Journalism 

  • Conceptual understanding of Environmental & Public Interest Communication

Non-Core Skills (yet advantageous): 

Candidates with the following skills will have an edge (though not essential for this JD) 

  • Practical social media promotion capabilities (Including SEO & Keyword Optimization for Blogs)*

  • Powerful Presentations skills (ppt, Infographics, doodle etc.) 

  • Membership, Volunteer reach-out and management experience 

  • Fund-raising strategy and execution experience

This internship project will be completed under the supervision of the Project Director (Sudhir Shetty).


Internship Details

Time commitment
Include anticipated hours per week/month/semester/etc.
Flexible Internship can continue until terminated (10-14 hours a week)



  • This is a useful opportunity to widen ones view about non-mainstream ideas like Overshoot, Existential Risks, Collapse, Degrowth, Post-growth etc. 

  • Candidate will receive experience certificate on satisfactory performance (useful for higher studies)

  • Opportunity to co-author/author blogs and also get them published on our website based on quality approval 

  • Candidate may continue to support the initiative through flexible volunteer participation options 

  • A fantastic experience for those who seek to make a significant difference in addressing the human predicament

  • Candidate may receive special recommendation letter from the Director based on exceptional performance**

  • GCR Volunteer-internship does not offer any stipend (being a Non-Profit Start-up) but we certainly respect your decision to dedicate your valuable skills & expertise towards this objectives of this public interest initiative


  • Although Climate Change is an important aspect of our work it is not the primary focus

  • Candidates who are extremely passionate committed towards holistic learning and have the patience & open-mindedness may benefit the most from this opportunity.

  • Ideally committing 3-4 months will help the candidate to get the most out of this project

  • Although in terms of amazing learning experience we assure you much but since we are a budding organization with meagre resources and supervision capabilities currently, so applicants must factor in that too.