Shortlisted candidates  of Round-3 (INT-1) are expected to download* ANY ONE of the following report from the links below and 

  • The candidate is  expected to analyze & critically evaluate the key arguments, observations, conclusions & recommendations  made by the author in the report or article

  • The candidate is expected to then present his/her  their independent opinions, assessment & policy preferences by **   

  • The essay length may be atleast 500-800 words

  • To be submitted within 3 days (max.) of receiving this email***

1. Technology disruptions already underway in the energy, transportation, and food sectors have extraordinary implications for climate change. --- RethinkX Report (2021)  

2. Decoupling debunked: Why green growth is not enough(2019) 



* You can download the articles by clicking on the link. In case you have any difficulty in downloading the book directly from the website-don’t worry, email us and we will send you the copy of the report)  

** The task may seem very challenging but so is this internship! Candidates are expected to be smart about their article/report selection and approach while evaluating critical literature. We are interested in your ability to skim through information, analyze multitude of perspectives and form independent opinions based on facts. The candidate is not expected to summarize the article but just briefly present his/her assessment not just based on the article but also other sources. 

***Request for extension will be entertained only in exceptional cases. 

**** This blog or essay will be only used for our internal recruitment purpose and will not be published or sold to anyone. You will remain its intellectual property owner throughout.  


Before starting you can save your responses in a word file and then paste the same into the below form as a precaution.

* Please use the same Email ID as used in previous ROUNDS

Writing an engaging essay/blog (atleast 500-600 words)