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Societal transition to a life-sustaining, low-tech, low-energy, decentralized & equitable future by design rather than disaster

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To adopt a Strong Sustainability approach characterized by risk preparedness, risk management & deep adaptation in response  to Global Crisis (GC)



  • Overcome  mis-information & dis-information 

      - about the continued exponential growth & sustainability of globalized Industrial Civilization (IC)​

      - by de-cluttering policy responses: Weak  (Economic) Vs Strong (Ecological) Sustainability

  • Create mass awareness about

        - causes, triggers, probability & process of Collapse (Societal & Biospheric)

        - Strong Sustainability alternative paradigms  & transition road-maps

  • Facilitate a paradigm shift in attitude and behavior (individually & collectively) manifesting as

       - adoption of holistic, systemic & long-term thinking

       - receptivity to bottom-up, community initiatives exploring Strong Sustainability alternatives with radically lower levels throughput (Tp) &                         Civilization Complexity (Cc)

       - adoption of risk preparedness, risk management & deep adaptation approach to deal with Global Crisis (GC)

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  • The worst case scenarios (of 4 decades ago) have become the best case scenario of today, so its never too late to respond, as things can always get worse 

  • Everyone (especially those who are most vulnerable & possess poor resilience to shocks) deserves to know the true nature, gravity, urgency of humanity’s predicament and the trade-offs involved 

  • Everyone deserves to be empowered with transition road-maps, knowledge, skills, assets relevant to navigate Global Crisis 

  • Top-down thinking, bottom-up actions are the most reliable approaches

  • Demand reduction measures must be prioritized over supply augmenting solutions 

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We are critical of policies and ideas that promote: 

  • Systemic disregard to the risks from ecological overshoot & collapse 

  • Economic systems 

       - characterized by exponential growth that depend on sustained rise in consumption & population (just to maintain economic stability)

       - characterized by linear model of Extraction-Production-Distribution-Consumption-Excretion’ (Cradle to Grave)

       - that aggravate existing trends in resource depletion (sources) & pollution (sinks)

  • Hyper Globalization of trade and long supply chain (Hyper-connectivity & increasing civilizational complexity)

  • Centralization of economy, power and governance 

  • Economic inequality and exploitation (economic growth is not a substitute for the redistribution of wealth)

We value policies and ideas: 

  • Deploying ecosystem repair, restoration & regeneration strategies to augment Earth’s carrying capacity

  • Deploying Risk preparedness, risk management & deep adaptation strategies

  • Adopting principles of Bioregionalism, Permaculture, eco-villages, co-operatives, etc.

  • Utilizing the remaining carbon budget towards constructing renewable energy (biomass based) powered infrastructure