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  • To articulate, communicate & build consensus around a new collective narrative or social construct for humanity (accurately reflecting the external social & ecological realities) 

  • that is aspirational & facilitates societal mobilization & controlled transition towards an energy descent or post collapse future 

  • characterized by ecological sustainability ,social equity & spiritually satisfying

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  • To cultivate long-form thinking, holistic & systemic approach in our constituency 

  • To establish an ecology-centric sustainability think-tank dedicated to participatory action research & education about humanity’s existential predicament and an alternative life-sustaining, low energy (energy descent) future 

  • To emerge as a thought leader in the collapse & strong sustainability discourse

  • To create mass awareness about humanity’s existential risk, response options & transition pathways

  • To emerge as a one-stop platform for lifelong adult learning & education in the context of energy descent future



  • To articulate a new holistic framework of Global Crisis (GC) that incorporates existential risks from ecology, complexity & dual use technologies capable of triggering collapse (societal & biospheric) 

  • To bring about attitude & behavior shift in our constituency (acknowledge the unsustainability of Industrial Civilization (IC), inadequacy of Weak Sustainability (WS) approach and adopt Strong Sustainability (SS) centric transition road-map)

  • To network & synergize with organizations exploring transition roadmaps 

  • To tackle dis-information campaigns about the efficacy of mainstream sustainability efforts 

  • To emerge as a one-stop platform for collapse & sustainability related knowledge 

  • To create a global online solidarity community 

  • To empower change agents by establishing study circles & local chapters to facilitate bottom-up action

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  • Everyone (especially those who are most vulnerable & possess poor resilience to shocks) deserves to know the true nature, gravity, urgency of humanity’s predicament and the trade-offs involved in navigating an effective response

  • Everyone deserves to be empowered with transition road-maps, knowledge, skills, assets relevant to navigate Global Crisis 

  • Top-down thinking, bottom-up actions are the most reliable approaches

  • Demand reduction measures must be prioritized over supply augmenting solutions 

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We are critical of policies and ideas that promote: 

  • Systemic disregard to the risks from ecological overshoot & collapse 

  • Economic systems 

  1. characterized by exponential growth that depend on sustained rise in consumption & population (just to maintain economic stability)

  2. characterized by linear model of Extraction-Production-Distribution-Consumption-Excretion’ (Cradle to Grave)

  3. that aggravate existing trends in resource depletion (sources) & pollution (sinks)

  • Hyper Globalization of trade and long supply chain (Hyper-connectivity & increasing civilizational complexity)

  • Centralization of economy, power and governance 

  • Economic inequality and exploitation (economic growth is not a substitute for the redistribution of wealth)

We are supportive of policies and ideas that aid: 

  • Restoring ‘Holocene like’ conditions by deploying ecological regeneration strategies

  • Strong sustainability ideas and principles of Ecological Economics, Permaculture, ‘Degrowth (DG) & Steady State Economy (SSE), The Simpler Way (TSW), ‘Deep Adaptation’ etc.

  • Adoption of Circular (‘Cradle to Cradle’) & shared economy

  • Build consensus & promoting equity, democracy & cooperative economic activities