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Who we are & what we do

Global Crisis Response (GCR) is the flagship initiative of Orb Tranz Research & Broadcasting Foundation, a not for profit (Section-8 Company) registered in Mumbai, India. GCR is a participative, action research, virtual Think Tank focused on inter, multi & trans- disciplinary issues at the intersection of 


  • Overshoot & limits: eco-centric (deep) sustainability

  • Collapse (ecological & societal) & The Anthropocene (Sixth Mass Extinction)

  • Post- capitalism, industrial society,

  • Resilience, Peak oil, Degrowth & Steady State Economy (SSE), permaculture

  • Global Catastrophic Risks (GCRs) & Existential Risks

  • Diminishing marginal returns of complexity 

  • De-globalization & Relocalization 

  • Energy descent, Low carbon futures, Climate justice

  • Dual use technology risks 

GCR is a systematic yet, transformational effort aimed at collectively exploring the best means of articulating and navigating the current era of the Anthropocene characterized by Climate Disruptions, Resource Scarcity, Chaos and Uncertainty. We intend to establish a creative volunteer-driven research, life-long learning & educational global virtual platform aimed at:

  • raising public awareness about Global Crisis (GC), their primary drivers, causes & impacts

  • analyzing trajectories, scenarios & forecasts for the future of humanity,

  • exploring solutions & alternative paradigms

  • exploring potential for a systemic transition towards a plurality of well-being & equity based societies operating within planetary boundaries.



The Conceptual Frameworks (collectively called C-R-T model) we developed present the ‘Full Picture or the Whole Elephant’ representing the complex-pervasive nature of humanity’s predicament characterized by Anthropocene. Our thesis is as follows:


  • It is true that ‘disaster, ‘doom & gloom’ framing aimed at facilitating top-down systemic transformation or bottom-up behavior change among the masses has failed spectacularly in the last few decades. But humanity’s failure to diffuse the existential risks can also be attributed to its fragmented understanding of the nature of Crisis thus resulting in a diffused & scattered policy response.  

  • The Parable of the “Blind men & the Elephant” best describes our situation. Citizens, NGOs, think-tanks, IGOs, TNCs etc. each intentionally/unintentionally define & prioritize Global Crisis from their own perspective. Without realizing that the sum total of all their efforts does not necessarily address the existential threat. 

  • A good example is the blinkered focus on Climate Change & Carbon emissions to the neglect of all the other vital symptoms of overshoot & Societal Collapse, which reflects the complete lack of comprehension of the true nature & the root cause of human existential predicament. (“Whole Elephant”- Societal & Biospheric Collapse)

  • Our theory is, once somebody sees the “Whole Elephant” (via our “C-R-T Frameworks”), then it is very difficult to ever “un-see” it, irrespective of how much the person may feel like denying it.

  • Only a handful of people having once seen the “Whole Elephant” will accept its existence rationally and would want to know how to deal with it having now seen it

  • The majority will (as an Ostrich would) choose to go into denial mode about the existence of the “Whole Elephant”. But as the “Whole Elephant” begins to manifest itself eventually in the real world they will be able to recognize (since they have seen it) unlike others who may not make any sense of the emerging chaos of the Anthropocene. They will spring into action, although it might be already too late to.

  • The goal is to work with those minority global population and prepare them to become Change Leaders & facilitators when the much needed ‘political will’ emerges. The creative reshuffling that comes at a time of crisis (like the current pandemic) must never be wasted- great transformational ideas must be ready (preferably with the stamp of tacit approval from critical opinion leaders in the society) when all cards are on the table. 

  • We actively explore and welcome all ideas from all quarters (global North & South) that have the potential to reduce humanity’s existential risks and increases its resilience. Our mission is to emerge as a global knowledge platform & public policy influencer dedicated towards publishing creative strong (eco-centric) sustainability content.