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Global Crisis Response

Our Values

Guiding Wisdom

  • Demand reduction measures must be prioritized over supply-augmenting solutions 

  • Top-down thinking supported by bottom-up initiatives has the best chance of moving the needle in the right direction 

  • Everyone deserves to know the true nature, gravity, and urgency of humanity’s predicament and the trade-offs involved (especially those who are most vulnerable & possess poor resilience to shocks) 

  • Everyone deserves to be empowered with transition road-maps, knowledge, skills, and assets relevant to navigate Global Crisis (GC)

  • The worst-case scenarios (of 4 decades ago) have become the best-case scenario of today, so its never too late to respond, as situations can always get worse

Big picture thinking & Systems approach
Big picture thinking is the ability to grasp abstract concepts, ideas and possibilities. System’s thinking is a process for understanding how things influence one another, and within a whole. We emphasize such strategic approach that will bring the bigger picture into focus by drawing lessons from past happenings, being fully aware of what is happening all around you and keep focus on GCR’s vision for the future. 


Understand the why & reimagine the possible
We ask thoughtful questions and respectfully challenge entrenched ideas. This spirit of inquiry drives us to reflect, improve, and expand our thinking. We are not constrained by convention. Dare to challenge the status quo and try new things, innovate, test and learn from failure and have an open mind to the possibilities in every idea.


Make a difference by taking action
Stay informed and ask questions about the future of the world we live in. Create impact through our actions and respond with agility to the ever changing environment in which we operate. We take action, valuing progress not perfection. Our passion for our core purpose gives us the courage to reach beyond our comfort zone to try innovative and unconventional ideas. We view honest failure as a learning opportunity for the future


Empower others & be Collaborative
We empower other change-makers already engaged in sustainable initiatives to achieve their goals. Collaboration takes us places we might not have been able to go alone. 


Continuous Learning: 
We create a culture that promotes learning, improving, and innovating. We are not afraid to make mistakes and share them with others


Embrace an ownership mentality
Drive the projects you find meaning in, because it’s not worth wasting time on something you don’t believe in. GCRites have an owner’s mindset and make decisions as if it was their own personal organization. We all share the desire to set things into motion. Take initiative to leave things better than you found them.


Be an excellent communicator
We value clear and concise communication, great listening skills, and honesty. We want you to say what you believe and ask and answer questions directly​

We support:

  • Larger horizon of concern:  Doctrine of Sustainable equity Intergenerational (between the present and future people) and intra-generational equity (between the rich and the poor of the present generation) 

  • Responsibility, Solidarity & reciprocity 

  • Deploying ecosystem repair, restoration & regeneration strategies to augment Earth’s carrying capacity

  • Deploying Risk preparedness, risk management & deep adaptation strategies

  • Inculcating principles of Bioregionalism, Permaculture, eco-villages, co-operatives, etc.

  • Utilizing the remaining carbon budget towards constructing infrastructure powered mainly by traditional renewable energy (biomass based) 

  • Governance as commons: Economy of caring & sharing 

  • Community living, solidarity, interdependence and diversity

  • Direct & delegated democracy​


We are critical of:

  • Social conditioning that prioritizes human over nature, material over qualitative prosperity, over spirit, today over tomorrow, personal gain over the collective

  • Systemic disregard to the risks from ecological overshoot & collapse 

  • Neo-liberal Economic systems:

  • that prioritize material prosperity (consumerism) over happiness

  • characterized by linear model of Extraction-Production-Distribution-Consumption-Excretion’ (Cradle to Grave)

  • with an exponential growth imperative 

  • characterized by growth adapted key-stone infrastructures that sustains modern Industrial Civilization (IC)

  • that aggravate existing trends in resource depletion (sources) & pollution (sinks) 

  • dependent on hyper globalization of trade and long supply chain, thus aggravating current trends of  ‘complexification’ of Industrial Civilization (IC)

  • that depend on sustained rise in consumption & population (just to maintain economic stability)

  • Centralization of economy, power and governance

  • Economic inequality and exploitation (economic growth is not a substitute for the redistribution of wealth)

Attitude, Principles & Ideas

Image by Bekir Dönmez

Our Wisdom & Values

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