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Our Goal

Our Mission

Our Vision

Create mass awareness about

  • Global Crisis (GC) as humanity’s existential predicament

  • the unsustainability of Industrial Civilization (IC)

  • causes, triggers, probability & process of Collapse (Societal & Biospheric)

  • strong Sustainability alternative paradigms

  • transition road-maps to a post-collapse sustainable ‘Way of life’

Empower citizens to initiate constructive action by equipping them with conceptual tools:

  • Crisis (C)- response (R) – Transition (T) to articulate & navigate Global Crisis (GC)

  • BAU – Weak - Strong Sustainability to classify strategies & policy proposals

Overcome misinformation & dis-information about the capabilities of Weak Sustainability measures in effectively responding to Global Crisis (GC)

Facilitate a paradigm shift in peoples’ attitudes and behavior manifesting as:

  • adoption of holistic, systemic & long-term thinking

  • adoption of risk preparedness, risk management & deep adaptation approach to deal with Global Crisis (GC)

  • receptivity to bottom-up, community-led initiatives exploring Strong Sustainability alternatives with radically lower levels of throughput (Tp) & Civilization Complexity (Cc)

To provide balanced perspectives from Global North & South

To replace stories of “doom & gloom” with constructive messaging characterized by ‘realism’ & ‘alternative paradigms’

A timely, society-wide transition by design (managed Collapse) rather than disaster (abrupt Collapse), towards a life-sustaining civilization characterized by an ecological sustainability, equity, driven by low tech- low energy systems, decentralized governance & economy

  • To create a one-stop SS Knowledge Portal

  • To establish a Transnational Action Think tank

  • To create a SS global Solidarity network and community

Image by Bekir Dönmez

About Us

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