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Global Crisis Response

Our Goal

Our Mission

Our Vision

Global Crisis Response (GCR) is on a mission to facilitate wider adoption of Crisis Response Framework (GCRF) that can empower change-makers globally to

  • decisively shift the global discourse about existential risks away from heat & carbon towards the need to prefigure inevitable global Civilizational Collapse
  • Create enabling eco-systems for the emergence & proliferation of Strong Sustainable (SS) initiatives like regenerative practices, bioregionalism, commons, Localism, permaculture etc.

Global Crisis Response (GCR) envisions a world where humanity has successfully prefigured a painful, chaotic civilizational collapse and adapted to a new ecological world order driven by renewable energy, low tech systems, regenerative local economies and governed by bio-cultural commons

  • To create a one-stop SS Knowledge Portal

  • To establish a Transnational Action Think tank

  • To create a SS global Solidarity network and community

Image by Bekir Dönmez

About Us

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