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Global Crisis Response

Job Type

Voluntary (unpaid) Position

Key Skills

Board Recruitment (preferably experience in non-profit sector)

Org Category

Not for Profit Think-Tank (Action Research)

Org Focus Area

Environment & Civilizational Sustainability, Global Catastrophic Risk Analysis,
Management & Preparedness, Climate Change, Energy Descent/Societal Collapse, Resilience

Start Date



Min. 3 months

Volunteer-HR (Board Recruitment- Executive & Advisory)

About Global Crisis Response (GCR):

Focus Areas: Sustainability, Risk Analysis & Management, Climate Change, Societal Collapse, Resilience Global Crisis Response is a systematic effort aimed at collectively exploring the best means to articulate & navigate the current era of the Anthropocene characterized by Climate Change, scarcity, chaos & uncertainty, forecast the future of trajectories human civilization & explores alternative paradigms (Pluriverse) & transition roadmaps. It is the flagship initiative of Orb Tranz Research & Broadcasting Foundation, a not for profit (Section-8 Company) registered in Mumbai, India. It came into existence in April 2021.

Job Summary:

The role involves designing and implementing the board recruitment strategy for the organisation. This involves designing the recruitment process, creating job descriptions, exploring best sourcing channels etc. The organisation is at the moment hiring for only voluntary roles hence any prior experience in hiring for NGO etc. would be preferable.This assignment is of strategic value hence we will support the volunteer with all the support and information. This is a remote role and a certificate/ letter could be provided on successful completion of the role.

Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Create a Board (executive & Advisory) recruitment strategy & plan

  • Identify the ideal strength & key roles of the founding board members

  • Create JDs for each of the identified profiles

  • Execute the plan (Job posting, short-listing & selection)

  • Functional Qualifications (as per requirement)

Qualifications & Skills:

  • The volunteer preferably must have either an experience in formulating HR policies (in HR or legal role) especially in the non-profit (Global Think Tank & advocacy).

  • Experience in board recruitment (non-profit organisations preferred)

  • Ability to create interview questionnaires

  • Knowledge of various sourcing platforms

Commitment (Content & Time):

  • Minimum 3 months commitment

  • Commit atleast 1-2 hours per week for orientation, discussion & meetings

  • Commit atleast 4 hrs per week (total= 48 hrs over 3 months)

  • The actual time commitment could vary depending on situations.


  • Although Climate Change is an important aspect of our work it is not the primary focus

  • Candidates who are passionate, committed towards holistic learning, dedication to stick with the work and can have patience with a new NGO that is just getting going will benefit the most from this opportunity.

  • We are a budding organization with meagre resources and supervision capabilities, so please be aware that you will need to be flexible and self-motivated. In exchange we do offer a unique research experience in a welcoming and passionate team, and a chance to explore radical and non-mainstream ideas outside of traditional institutions.


  • Volunteers are free to choose the least stressful tasks (workload) but then remain committed to the agreed-upon deliverables in terms of quality and deadlines

  • Volunteers  will be able to participate  in the initiative at their convenience 

  • Volunteers  will receive due credit for any intellectual output created & recognition for any selfless contributions made by various means as per our company policy

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